Double W Blade

Double W shaped blades are the next level in the history of artificial grass. The three veins of the double W grass blades create a realistic look to such an extraordinary degree that a human eye cannot see the difference between a natural and artificial lawn. The waving surface of each blade diffuses sunlight, profoundly reducing the possibility of an unnatural, white-glass plastic appearance. Durability is another advantage of the Double W Shaped artificial grass blade technology. Highly durable under constant pressure, this blade's designed turf has up to twenty years life expectancy even in high-traffic areas. Due to its amazing light diffusing characteristics, an artificial grass with Double W-shaped blades carries away more heat energy, which prevents lawns from overheating during the hottest summer days.

Engineered Blades Technology

We produce monofilament turf fibers in dozens of different shapes. Each of our blade shapes serves a different purpose and creates a different effect for your lawn. Contact us to explore which option is best for you.

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