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Sticky spills can be hosed off to prevent attracting dirt and bugs. Paint can be dissolved with paint remover and then rinsed off. The permeable backing allows liquids and pet's urine flow through it quickly leaving no residue behind.

A rake with fake tines (turf rake) is extremely recommended to protect your investment. Don't use a rake with metal tines. A leaf blower is impeccable, you can use a turf rake to remove heavier objects; nevertheless. Just keep it clean; get rid of debris from the surface with a leaf blower, there is no maintenance or watering.

Golf putting greens, our artificial turf solutions are used in a wide variety of applications including commercial and residential landscape, fake grass for dogs, sports fields, outdoor recreational centers and indoor, playgrounds, pet hotels, pet clinics, etc. Global Syn-Turf synthetic turf creates style, long lasting surface, and eye-catching patterns while providing a durable, color.

An average yard might take one or two days. So it is sometimes difficult to determine this without seeing your landscaping area, each installation is customized. For a better idea, call for a FREE Consultation today!.

If you are curious how does artificial grass works, we can help. Or you're looking for a total redesign of the landscaping around your home, global Syn-Turf can help, whether you are looking for a low-maintenance, cheap way to beautify your landscape. We manufacture a wide diversity of artificial grass and tools required for the artificial turf installation. Get a FREE quote and and a professional consultation, call us today.

Does it mildew?.

Why doesn't fake turf fade?.

Global Syn-Turf artificial turf has a built-in UV protection method that allows it to hold its color despite the most impressive weather conditions.

Can it stain?.

What kind of upkeep does it need?.

Synthetic grass is bought per square feet, you can customize it as you like and. synthetic turf has many advantages. If you think of fake turf installation in the long term perspective, then it is easy to see how cost effective it is in the long run. Artificial turf is most commonly used for rooftops, indoor gardens, golf courses, and sports arenas, swimming pools, terrace gardens.

In the 80th fake turf was considered a less than desirable option to the real turf. Pool sides, golf courses, playgrounds, clubs, landscaping in public buildings etc besides sports applications like football fields, schools, hotels and resorts, synthetic grass is the preferred option in interior design and home applications, rooftop gardens, or tennis courts, but today. Commercial spaces and, homeowners felt it looked and was only suited for sports fields and felt "fake", tennis courts, indoor stadiums.

How long does it take to install?.

Will weeds grow through it?.

Occasionally, you may see them popping up along a border. But generally, weeds will never grow through the firm turf backing, weed barrier can be used before the top layer of fake grass is installed.

Due to its exceedingly pervious structure, mold and mildew are never an issue.


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